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“I need to Practise my English”

Bringing the world closer together through a common language

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Get all of my digital products PLUS EXTRA BONUSES in my signature, 90 day ultimate programme.  By application only.

In 90 days, you will have ALL YOU NEED to get your music heard by the millions of English speakers around the world.

Give me just 10 MINUTES every day for the next few weeks and I will give you the tools to actually get you SPEAKING ENGLISH PROPERLY so that you can feel confident, have a clear accent, go for that job, take that relationship further and increase your opportunities to work with others around the world.

Sound Check Sessions 1:1

Choose one of the following Sound Check sessions with me:

Sing in English

How is my English singing accent?

Accent Assessment

How good is my English accent?

Lyrics into English

I’ve written a song.  Are the lyrics ok?


"Thank you so much for coming into my life!"

“You showed me that you truly care about your students and you always have helping hand for those who seek more knowledge or support. You were really patient with my class and also very kind and quite fun. You helped me learn things about yourself and it also helped me understand more about your country, your people and the way you use your language. You also were with me when I was thinking about studying abroad and you still help me with feedback on my work. Thank you so much for coming into my life, you helped me change things in it and change my thinking as well.”


"She is very kind and helpful"

“Ann-Marie taught me a lot in a short time.  I like her positive approach to work, she is very kind and helpful.  Thank you.”



"Ann-Marie is a great teacher, and her lessons were fun."

“Ann-Marie is a great teacher and her lessons were fun.  It was full of useful things which we learned through the activities.  She didn’t make you feel embarrassed when you used the wrong words or said something in the incorrect form.  I think, she helped us to improve our conversation in this language.”


"I am sure she will be an invaluable asset in helping you achieve your dreams and goals"

“Ann-Marie is a lovely teacher who’s very receptive to new ideas, an absolute pleasure to work with, and is one of our most enthusiastic teachers, especially when it comes to online teaching!

What stands out about Ann-Marie, besides her professionalism and imaginative approach to teaching, is her openness to new techniques and methods and her interest in and ability to teach specialised lessons.

I very much recommend Ann-Marie as both teacher and colleague, and I am sure she will be an invaluable asset in helping you achieve your dreams and goals.”


"She is so passionate and enthusiastic about music, it shines through..."

“Ann-Marie is such a pleasure to work with! She is so passionate and enthusiastic about music, it just shines through when she talks about it. She is so kind and went out of her way to provide me with some clear actionable feedback which has really helped my business. She is clear, easy to understand and explains things very well, the perfect teacher I would say!”

"You feel relaxed in her company, respected by her"

“To learn easily, it’s important to feel relaxed, in the company of your tutor and also be taught in a style that suits your individual way of learning.  Having worked alongside Ann-Marie, for five years plus, I can safely say that you can feel relaxed in her company, respected by her and also enjoy her ability to adapt her teaching presentation style to meet your needs.”



Why is English a stress-timed language?
Why is English a stress-timed language?

In English, when learners learn a new word, they also have to learn which syllable of the word is stressed. Unfortunately, there are no general rules about where this stress falls. Even the same word can change in stress, depending on its meaning or context. Take the word “desert”, for example. Desert as in the Sahara stresses the first syllable, “de”. However, if you go to a restaurant and ask for a “dessert”, you will stress the second syllable “sert.”

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“There’s so much competition out there!”
“There’s so much competition out there!”

I decide to continue to play music because I enjoy it. If others want to enjoy it with me, that’s even better. The moment I start to compare myself with others or to get ambitions far beyond my current space, I feel unhappy.  Why make ourselves unhappy?

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